Tower T17039 Vortx 2000W 5-in-1 11L Digital Air Fryer, RKW Ltd

RKW, Europe’s leading distributor of small domestic appliances (SDA) and housewares products, has an unrivalled reputation for innovation and a perfect example of this is the Digital Air Fryer Oven T17039RGB from its flagship own-brand Tower. The 2000W 5-in-1 model is an Air Fryer and offers Rotisserie, Dehydrator and Roast and Bake functions all in one convenient unit.

It uses efficient Vortx rapid air circulation technology, which circulates hot air around the fryer to cook food 30% faster than a conventional oven. This not only reduces the time taken to fry (a 1kg chicken cooks in 40 minutes) but offers crispier food with locked in flavour. The large family-sized oven means there is an extra 75% cooking capacity that allows the user to healthily cook a variety of foods at the same time making it a firm favourite with families. Its viewing window allows the user to monitor the food inside for a perfectly cooked finish and it only requires a spoonful of oil thus 99% less fat cooking. The digital control panel includes adjustable temperature with cooking pre-sets and there is a 60 minute timer, rotisserie fork and three wire racks. It also boasts automatic switch-off and overheat protection functions.

Tower pioneered the rose gold trend in both housewares and SDA categories and the black and rose gold colour combination on an air fryer is an innovation in itself.

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