Steve Puzey, Bluestem Group

Steve has worked at Bluestem Group for 17 years in the role of Area Sales Manager, covering Wales, West Midlands and the West Country.  Steve has been part of the electrical appliances industry for 30+ years as in his life prior to Bluestem Group he was one of our customers with a family owned independent electrical retail store.  Steve thrives on looking after his customers; building strong relationships over the years and ensuring he understands their varied needs.

Steve has embraced the changes in the business due to the impact of COVID. By adapting his approach Steve has fully utilised the wide variety of technological options available to ensure consistent contact with his customer base despite restrictions not allowing him to physically be in front of them.  Zoom, Teams, phoning and email are all now standard practice for him.  He also took on West Midlands region in recent years and has driven this forward outstandingly well as he has across his entire region; expanding the presence of Bluestem Group core brands Igenix, Statesman, Ewbank and Ariete – and always with a smile.

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