Sony Europe B.V.

Sony’s training team is dedicated to delivering excellent product knowledge to all our retailers, ensuring they feel confident when talking to customers and sharing key product knowledge. They believe that communication with retailers on a regular basis is an essential element of this process, and despite the unforeseen challenges the past 12 months have brought, the team was committed to still providing interactive and engaging training sessions.

Being already familiar with conducting training online, the Sony team took this as an opportunity to innovate the training process, implementing new techniques and platforms to ensure training was both easily accessible and engaging. For example, using services such as YouTube Live and Google Meet, the team were able to interact directly with retailers through video streaming, addressing any questions and providing full support throughout the sessions while maintaining personal engagement.

Through the continued great relationship with all accounts, the training team can identify what is important to their respective businesses, and devise sessions specifically tailored to such needs. Additionally, with opening hours fluctuating for many retailers throughout the year, the training team remained flexible in accommodating for all staff, using the platform and time most convenient to them for training. This ensured that staff were fully supported and equipped to engage with customers as stores reopened.

Despite the restrictions and challenges in place, the last 12 months provide to be successful for Sony after considerable investment in training across all four categories; TV, V&S, Imaging and Mobile. In the past year, the team has conducted over 150 training sessions online, reaching over 3000 staff in total

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