Roidmi RS60 Anti-Viral
Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Innovation is at the heart of the ROIDMI brand, never more so with the launch of the RS60 – the world’s first cordless vacuum cleaner with anti-viral/anti-bacterial technology. Using a proven silver-ion sterilising nano-coating (ZiWei Novoron ION – licensed from Toray Japan) in the floorhead, air-path and embedded in the main filter, this vacuum cleaner leaves the exhaust air significantly cleaner and with a much lower density of live organic pathogens, including viruses, bacteria & microbes, as well as capturing 99.9% of dust and allergens. The technology builds on the proven antimicrobial and antiviral properties of silver ion nanoparticles (NCBI white paper) that ROIDMI and Toray have developed into a long-lasting surface treatment for the vital air-contact points of the RS60 cleaner.

Building on the ROIDMI X20, which won six international design awards, the RS60 features the same anti hair-tangling brush roller, and magnetic clip-on wet mopping tool enabling users to vacuum and wet-wipe hard floors in one go, saving time and effort. The new model features a colour OLED display for features such as power level, battery life, filter condition and blockage diagnosis, along with a larger bin, longer runtime and higher vacuum suction pressure for deeper cleaning.

At at time where there is unprecedented consumer attention on the impact of viruses, the RS60 gives retailers a dynamic USP that no other premium brand can offer at this time. Retailing around £579.00, the ROIDMI RS60 has been stocked by Harrods, Selfridges and many Euronics retailers.

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