ROIDMI has addressed the unprecedented growth in small, hand-held vacuum cleaning tools with the ROIDMI NANO P1 PRO. This compact, lightweight, cordless hand-held cleaner. Weighing less than 05kg, the NANO P1 PRO is just 275mm in length and designed to fit snugly in the hand. It recharges from any USB source and gives up to 25minutes run time on a single charge complete with LED lighting to spot dust, and offers powerful cleaning suction despite is minimal 65dB noise output on the lowest of its two power settings. The small cordless bin and air filter are washable, and like all ROIDMI cleaners, it comes with a 2-year warranty and 5-year motor guarantee.

For quick spill cleanups, keyboards and light dusting, the ROIDMI NANO P1 PRO is the ultimate cleaning accessory.

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