Roberts Beacon Bluetooth Speaker

Nothing can replicate the timeless British design of Roberts, an iconic audio brand, known and loved for nearly 90 years. Famous for its retro radios, Roberts has made its move into the Bluetooth speaker category with the all-new Roberts Beacon range, encompassing two models – the Beacon 320 and Beacon 330.

Roberts brings its personality-filled heritage and charm to a sleek, modern device – for those who demand character from everything in their home. They are not satisfied to hide in the corner or blend into the background, these are interiors products as much as technology devices: designed to be seen, touched and heard.

The Beacon is the natural evolution of the Roberts audio experience – uniquely packaging the latest technology with the nostalgia, identity and timeless style of a brand that’s been sitting proudly in British homes since before we were born.

Context and form:

Now more than ever, the places where we spend the most of our time (ie–the home) need to bring us joy. Through rich colour (in nine unique options to suit any style) and expressive personality, the Roberts Beacon adds nostalgia, warmth and character – brightening up any living space.


The Beacon’s user interface is intuitive and simple to use, with just four buttons on the top of the device. It is designed to be enjoyed instantly, to be used easily by visitors and family members, and to enhance everyday moments.

This streamlined interface befits an elegant, premium device, but is also hearteningly accessible – a reflection of a brand known for being simultaneously high-end and welcoming.

As such, the Beacon can be set up in just 10 seconds – and with a simple press of the button underneath the unit you can link up multiple Beacon 330 devices to flood an entire room with sound for a richer listening experience.

Its 360 degrees speaker cloth suggests immersive, all-round sound – the vibrant, tactile surface immediately entices the user to look and touch as well as listen. The Beacon puts joy into everyday listening.


It’s one thing to revive a classic for the modern era, but it’s another thing to do so in a way that protects the future too.

Sustainability is one of Roberts’ core brand values. The Beacon comes in plastic-free, 100% recyclable packaging. The nearly-90-year-old brand also knows a thing or two about making products that last; Roberts is known for the quality of its craftsmanship, with many of its lifelong fans’ decades-old devices still going strong. The Beacon maintains this ethos of slow consumerism. This is no throw-away device – Beacon is designed to be a cherished part of the home for years and decades to come.

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