KD-48A9, Sony Europe B.V.

Launched in Summer 2020, the award-winning MASTER Series 48” A9 combines innovative OLED technology within a sleek and compact size.

With the X1 Ultimate processor and Pixel Contrast Booster, users can enjoy the intense contrast of OLED with pure blacks, peak brightness and truly realistic pictures. This delivers the best in class picture quality to faithfully convey the creator’s intent, allowing consumers to enjoy an authentic cinematic experience at home.

The A9 also has Object-based HDR remaster which analyses the colour in individual objects on screen and adjusts the contrast, unlike most TVs where contrast is only adjusted along one black-to-white contrast curve. As objects are remastered individually, this compact TV can reproduce greater depth, textures and more realistic pictures.

With Acoustic Surface Audio, the screen of the TV acts as a speaker which allows for the sound and picture to work in harmony, bringing the content of the screen to life. An innovative actuator behind the screen vibrates discreetly to create sound so what customers hear comes from the place in the scene where the action is happening.

All of the A9’s technology impressively fits within its minimalist design, with a super slim bezel and simple one slate design. This keeps users focused on the screen for a truly immersive viewing experience while blending harmoniously in any room environment.

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