Hisense PureFlat Eclipse RQ760N4BFF

Leading home appliances manufacturer, Hisense, has launched its most technologically advanced fridge freezer to date. The Hisense PureFlat Eclipse RQ760N4BFF is loaded with clever technology to ensure maximum results for the consumer and make everyday life easier.

The PureFlat Eclipse will be the first of Hisense’s cooling portfolio to boast a unique dark interior, which doesn’t just make this appliance a stylish choice, but is also fitted with an anti-bacterial lining to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria. This enables food to stay fresh and healthy thanks to the use of silver phosphate glass, a clever antibacterial agent. This antibacterial lining keeps food edible for longer which in turn works to reduce food wastage – one of the biggest contributors to emissions.

The PureFlat Eclipse offers maximum flexibility with the My Fresh Choice compartment, allowing complete control over an entire quarter of the Fridge Freezer. Users can change the temperature of this section at just a touch of a button from -20℃ to +5℃. This clever function means the product can keep up with ever changing demands throughout the year.

Other clever features include special Metal-Tech Cooling which ensures cool air is evenly distributed from inside out. Consumers are increasingly looking for energy efficient products and with this in mind, the Fridge Freezer is fitted with LED lights, located at the top and sides of fridge to ensure clear views on the contacts, as well as ensuring a longer product life span.

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