Haier h0n smart home app

With a group philosophy to shift from the ‘internet of things’ to the ‘internet of beings’ in order to achieve zero distance to consumer, the group developed the h0n app which was launched at IFA 2020.

To deliver more performance, assure total security and gain deeper knowledge, h0n comprises:

Latest technology – for better and smarter appliances

Advanced digital solutions – for user needs fulfilment

AI and machine learning – for tailored and intelligent solutions

Advanced sensors – for high performance monitoring

Partnerships with service and products providers – for a customised and valuable experience

Technical innovation

Recipient of a Red Dot Award in April 2020, the hOn app was developed by Haier’s IoT (Internet of Things) specialists to provide a single digital platform to control, manage and make the most out of all connected appliances from Haier Europe’s brands.

Available on a selection of cooking, cooling, laundry and air purifying models and incorporating the latest technology, advanced digital solutions, artificial intelligence and advanced sensors, hOn aims to offer a ‘next-level experience’ to customers, alongside gathering GDPR-compliant usage data to support product R&D.

Operational features

hOn offers multi-control through touch, voice and smart speakers and is capable of pairing to a product in less than a minute.

Providing a central hub to remotely control, monitor and manage appliances from Haier Europe’s brands, Hoover, Candy and Haier, the app includes downloadable programmes, recipes, tips and a chatbot function.

Users can also review the energy and efficiency of their appliance(s), get real-time status updates such as the amount of detergent remaining in auto-dosing washing machine models, check product instructions and receive notifications for any maintenance required.

Consumer benefits

One key development is the introduction of a Scan to Care feature, on Hoover H-WASH 500 laundry models. Hoover harnessed consumer insights that showed that a third of people don’t understand care symbols on clothes and over 60% cut labels out to inform the R&D behind this product: creating ‘Scan to Care’. This amazing functionality enables users to upload photographs of garments and their care labels to a ‘virtual wardrobe’ stored in their hOn app — with the machine using this to record and recommend the best cycle.

Other brand-specific capabilities include:

Candy ‘Snap & Wash’ — an appropriate programme is recommended based on an uploaded photo of the load in front of the washing machine

Haier ‘Optical Washing’ – which provides advice and guidance on what, how and where items should be stored or repositioned in a dishwasher from a photo of the basket.

There are more than 40 specialist cycles in the hOn app, and user can save their favourites. In addition to providing detergent tracking and tips to optimise washing and reduce waste, the hOn app provides efficiency statistics, real-time consumption figures and maintenance updates & tips, enabling users to get the absolute best from their machine whether that is remotely or while at home. It includes a diagnostic feature that flags any issues with the machine and troubleshoots solutions. It also stores product manuals for easy reference.

The app links with smart speakers such as Alexa and Google Home, making it possible to voice control the washing machine. And, it has the ability to check weather forecasts and offer the option to delay load finish times to coincide with sunny weather.

This appealing app offers a user-friendly, intuitive and reliable way to bring the smart tech associated with the Internet of Things into the home.

Product success

Haier is the first consumer choice for the smart home, with a total eco revenue of €500m+ incorporating:

2m+ registered users

18 product families

2,500 smart product lines

10m smart products in the market

The hOn app is available in the App Store and from Google Play.

* Information correct at time of submission.

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