H-Purifier 500, Hoover

The Hoover H-PURIFIER 500 is part of Hoover’s new range of air purifiers, which entered the market in December 2020. Offering real-time sensors, H-TRIFILTER technology and with complete integration into Hoover’s hOn app, the H-PURIFIER 500 offers a superior and intelligent air purification experience.

Key benefits include:

360-degree purified air circulation

Sleep mode

British Allergy Foundation approved.

Technical innovation

This connected air purifier offers a unique solution against seasonal allergies, to guarantee a safer and healthier home environment. Thanks to its clever H-TRIFILTER— an exclusive filtration system designed specifically for the H-PURIFIER range — allergens and pollutants are captured and filtered. The 360-degree AirFlow system then spreads completely clean and purified air, capable of reaching a complete room quickly and effectively.

A tested special treatment means that pollens captured by the HEPA 13 filter layer of the H-TRIFILTER are inactivated to limit the harm for allergy sufferers.

Because it’s a connected device, the H-PURIFIER 500 provides users with the option to link it to the Hoover hOn app. This gives them the ability to control the device remotely, making it perfect for busy, modern lifestyles.

It benefits from intelligent sensors that automatically turn on air purification and carries the British Allergy Foundation Mark.

The H-PURIFIER 500 also does more than just purify the air, it is equipped with a diffuser that can be used with Hoover’s own H-ESSENCE or H-BIOTICS.  H-ESSENCE will spread fresh fragrances and different aromas throughout the home. While H-BIOTICS is a natural blend of probiotics that can be diffused into the air to create more hygienic surfaces preventing the growth of harmful microorganisms such as microbes and bacteria. The diffuser function can be activated through the product display or hOn App.

Operational features

The H-PURIFIER 500 offers exceptional operational features. Key to the product’s efficacy is the H-TRIFILTER, offering three layers of protection. The cylindrical shape allows a more efficient airflow than flat air purifiers. The outer layer works as a primary filter, intercepting the largest particles, while a particulate and pollen filter effectively removes 99.97% of particles including airborne allergens. With the final active carbon filter removing harmful gases and odours.

The H-PURIFIER 500 also features a carbon dioxide alert and boasts a CADR dust rating of 330. Among its technological features are the real time monitoring of particulates using a high accuracy laser, scanning every second. There is also a sensor detecting volatile organic compounds, such as those from detergents, furniture, cosmetics, paint thinners and gasoline, which operates three times per minute, offering complete reassurance that air is of the highest quality.

With three settings (auto, max and sleep), it will comfortably cover a room of up to 100m2 and offers continuous monitoring of temperature and relative humidity.

The user interface offers advice on filter status and offers status updates. It includes a child lock, pollen alert and various light settings.

Consumer benefits

The H-TRIFILTER protection offers the highest quality air purification, giving users complete peace of mind. As well as the many technological benefits of the H-PURIFIER 500, the user benefits from many additional features, all designed to make using the product as simple as possible. These include:

Connectivity to the hOn app, allowing the user to personalise product settings depending on individual sensitivities such as family allergies. It also enables remote control of the device, push alerts for high pollen levels, a remote CO alert, voice control options, weather and pollen forecast, and user and maintenance advice.

An in-built sleep mode that reduces the already-quiet operational noise from 50dBA to 21dBA

The British Allergy Foundation Mark, for peace of mind

A built-in diffuser, allowing scent to be distributed around the home. The H-PURIFIER 500 is compatible with a range of scents: H-Essence, a collection of natural hypoallergenic oils, or H-Biotics, a biologic blend based on probiotics

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