H-FREE 300, Hoover

The Hoover H-FREE 300 is a premium example of an exceptional floorcare product from this household name brand. A multifunctional cordless vacuum with a removable handheld unit, 0.7L capacity bin and numerous user-friendly intelligent additions, this model provides ultimate cleanliness coupled with clever design and function.

Key to its performance are:

Brushless motor

Cyclonic dust separation

Turbo boost

LED floorhead and above floor lights, illuminating all cleaning areas so no speck of dust is missed

Touch controls

Flat and drive nozzle for enhanced maneuverability, allowing easy under and above furniture cleaning.

Technical innovation

The H-FREE 300 is bursting with technical innovation and know-how, courtesy of the brand’s century-long R&D in vacuum technology.

New to this model is a brushless Direct Impulse Motor, developed to deliver consistent power output for a highly efficient motor, delivering 65AW suction. This allows for superior dust and debris pick up on all kinds of floors, with the motor spinning at 80,000 rpm.

Hoover’s product R&D has resulted in reduced friction and vibrations, meaning that this model is up to three times quieter than comparable models. The brushless motor boasts up to three times longer lifespan than standard motors.

Operational features

Among the many operational features of this model are the Single Cyclone Separation System — a clever system designed to separate all dust particles, from large debris to smaller particles. The Pre-Motor filter separates and keeps the fine particles of dust inside the bin, in order to allow only high-quality air back into the room.

With a 22 volt, removable H-LAB ultra-power lithium battery pack, the H-FREE 300 can deliver up to 40 minutes of powerful suction:

12 minutes in turbo mode

25 minutes in standard mode

40 minutes in auto mode.

The removable battery pack means that users can charge the unit anywhere that is convenient.

An in-built safety protection system activates if the unit agitator has a blockage, with the frontal LED light turning red to alert the user and prompt the required maintenance.

Consumer benefits

Consumers will benefit from a wide array of user-friendly features, all designed with usability in mind. From increased maneuverability leading to effortless cleaning thanks to the H-LAB Flat & Drive nozzle, to dual LED DustLocator lights to illuminate dark areas, the H-FREE 300 makes effective cleaning a breeze. The H-LAB Flat & Drive floor nozzle enables smooth cleaning around furniture, with 180° twisting, and under furniture cleaning thanks to its 90° reclining feature.

The 22v lithium battery pack delivers up to 40 minutes of cleaning time, with as long as 12 minutes on turbo mode, for deep cleaning of stubborn dirt on carpets and upholstery. What’s more, the battery pack is easily removable, offering convenient charging options.

Effective on oats, breadcrumbs, cat litter, rice and countless other small debris, the H-FREE 300 offers users a convenient daily cleaning method to keep on top of the many little messes created in everyday life.

Its quieter motor is easy on the ears, with reduced friction and vibrations helping to make this model up to three times quieter than other comparable units.

The unit also easily converts to handheld for tricky areas or high-up corners. The handheld unit includes an auto LED light to illuminate dirt, dust and debris.

Finally, the Easy Bin Empty feature means the user can empty the unit without coming into contact with dust.

Product success

Argos rating 4.8 stars (out of 5) as of 14th Jan

Example reviews from Argos customers

Great buy

Rating 5 out of 5


13 January 2021

Great for all floors in my 2-bedroom flat. The small handheld is great for couches and the car. Simple to put together and stores in a cupboard well. Battery is small and can be charged anywhere. Delighted with this purchase.

Helen, 65 or over, Inverclyde, UK

Fantastic purchase

Rating 5 out of 5


5 January 2021

Absolutely delighted with this hoover! Easy to assemble, great suction and the light at the front is an added bonus! Excellent purchase, love it

Tina, 45 – 54, Derry

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