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Product Name: Swan Dirtmaster Crossover All-in-One Hard Floor Cleaner

Company: Swan

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The Swan Crossover All-in-One Hard Floor Cleaner offers cordless, hassle-free cleaning across all surfaces, with simultaneous washing and vacuuming for maximum efficiency.

Take the hassle out of cleaning your floors with the Swan Crossover All-in-One Hard Floor Cleaner. Its simple controls allow you to effortlessly move across different floor types with just the push of a button. From wood and laminate to tile, stone, and vinyl, you’ll be able to vacuum and wash all the floors in your home with ease. It can even be used to freshen up carpets and rugs! And if pushing a button is a bit too much, why not use the voice control option? With a detachable battery providing 51-56 minutes of cleaning and large capacity tanks for both clean and dirty water, you’ll be able to move through the whole house without being interrupted. And the cordless operation means you won’t have any cumbersome wires getting in your way either! The Crossover 3-in-1 Vacuum also features a self-cleaning mode, meaning that it’ll always be ready to use. It is truly an all-purpose solution to keeping all your floors fresh and clean without fuss.

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