Clare Edwards, Smeg UK

Smeg’s National Training and Sales Support Manager, Clare Edwards, allowed training of Smeg’s Major and Small Domestic Appliances to transition smoothly into the online world, during the COVID-19 pandemic. With Smeg’s state-of-the-art training facility officially closed in March to retailers, Smeg’s online training exclusively has been the only link directly retailers, to answer questions, refresh knowledge and offer product updates. Clare ensured the brand adapted to the changing times, guaranteeing that access to vital training was available throughout even the toughest months, via video calls and even social media platforms.

Clare researched and invested in video technology and videography equipment, to enable Smeg’s online training sessions to be professional, high quality and easy to navigate; allowing everyone to stay included. Clare has been able to utilise the sudden rise of video calls in these trying times, ensuring retailers are confident in Smeg products and information is available to retailers across the country.¬†Clare also developed social media accounts specifically for training purposes, to guarantee all audiences can see information at any time of day or night.

Clare’s online training sessions are interactive, visual and succinct; including video footage of Clare using the products in action, polls and interesting media, no two sessions are alike. The video aids can be downloaded for ease, as a reference point, should trainees need a refresher at any point. The presentations are guaranteed to leave trainees confident and excited about Smeg as a brand, along with valuable knowledge of products; always tailor made to the individual group. Showroom tours of Smeg’s incredible backlit SDA wall are available to all groups using videography equipment for a professional experience, with Clare personally talking through the products and answer questions throughout the tour.

Clare has undoubtedly assisted the business in a challenging time, but also offered support, guidance and unlimited knowledge to retailers who required it during this year.

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