Smart Heat Pump Tumble Dryer

Technical innovation

The Candy BCTD H7A1TBE Smart Heat Pump Dryer is part of the world’s elite when it comes to tumble dryers. Part of the Hoover family — Candy was the first company to launch a heat pump dryer, in March 2018 — their newest Candy Smart Heat Pump Dryer (BCTD H7A1TBE) offers premium performance matched by exceptional energy efficiency.

Heat pump models are more efficient than conventional dryers; temperatures are 30 per cent lower and they use 50 per cent less energy.

Unlike traditional tumble dryers which expel the hot air used to dry the clothes, heat pump technology cleverly conserves and reuses it.  During the drying process, hot air circulating inside the drum absorbs moisture from the clothes. The air travels through the evaporator, which extracts the moisture. In this model, this moisture is then transferred to the in-door water collection system for easy emptying.

Operational benefits

The Candy Smart Heat Pump Dryer is fully WiFi and Bluetooth connected and compatible with Alexa and Google Home, making it a truly smart dryer for the modern home.

It offers a 7 kg capacity, with 15 sensor programmes and three dryness level options. As a heat pump machine, it offers greater efficiency than conventional dryer counterparts, using 50 per cent less energy and with drying temperatures that are 30 per cent lower.

Consumer benefits

This technologically advanced dryer is the ideal choice for modern drying.  With an energy rating of A+ and offer the option to delay start times for up to 24 hours, the Candy Smart Heat Pump Dryer provides maximum efficiency and flexibility.

The Candy Smart Heat Pump Dryer features an active time management system, creating fast-drying technology with seven super-fast drying cycles. Its unique KG detector provides ultimate efficiency and it’s fully smart and can be integrated into any existing smart home plan.

Featuring 15 drying programmes (including sensor dry) the reliable and effective appliance provides the perfect drying cycles for wool, silk, delicates, sportswear and more. The wool programme is approved by Woolmark, for added reassurance.

With a large digit LED display — including a countdown display — and a Candy Easy Case in-door water container that allows condensate to be easily collected and repurposed, this machine is designed with maximum practicality in mind. A super easy iron function makes ironing easy by detecting the right level of moisture in the load, while a special alternating drum motion reduces wrinkles and tangles.

Finally, the Candy Smart Heat Pump Dryer features a higher door than usual — helping make loading and unloading this machine as gentle as possible on the user’s back.

Product success

One of the first integrated heat pump models on the market.

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