Active Four Door Fridge Freezer
(HQ91 MO1L UK), Hotpoint

The Hotpoint Active Four Door fridge freezer (HQ9I MO1L UK), launched in August 2020, exceeds expectations in more ways than one. At first glance, the freestanding, American-style, fridge freezer impresses with its clean and contemporary design, integrated handles and refined, stainless steel finish. The fridge freezer’s four doors open to reveal three compartments (fridge, freezer and convertible zone) offering smart, flexible storage. Finally, the hidden technologies inside the appliance create the ideal storage conditions, helping to keep food and drinks fresh for longer.

Flexible storage is of paramount importance for consumers when purchasing a new cooling appliance. Hotpoint has listened to this valuable insight and, as a result, this innovative fridge freezer has been developed to offer users the ultimate flexibility thanks to its convertible zone, which can be used as a fridge or freezer. Furthermore, with handy pull-out shelves, Easy Find Trays and a split shelf for additional convenience, the fridge freezer provides users with a multitude of storage solutions.

Triple Cool technology means that the fridge, freezer and convertible zone have their own independent evaporator to maintain optimal temperatures and humidity levels for each compartment, which helps to preserve food for longer. Further Hotpoint Day 1 technologies, including Active Fresh Pro, Active Oxygen and Active Freeze ensure that food stays as fresh as the day it was bought for longer.

Key features and benefits of the Hotpoint Active Four Door fridge freezer (HQ9I MO1L UK):


Large 554 litre capacity fridge freezer, which is equivalent to almost 31 shopping bags2

The appliance boasts three compartments – fridge, freezer and convertible zone, which can be turned into a fridge or freezer at the touch of a button

The convertible zone has 12 temperature settings to choose from:

From -22°C to -16°C – ideal for hard freezing food for keeping up to one year

-12°C – ideal for desserts

-1°C – ideal for weekly meals

0°C – ideal for meat and fish

4°C – ideal for fruit and vegetables

10°C – ideal for wine

Triple Cool technology means that the fridge, freezer and convertible zone have their own independent evaporator. This ensures the fridge freezer, with its high capacity, can maintain optimal temperatures and humidity levels for each compartment, which helps to preserve food for longer

Slim, in-door ice and filtered water dispenser, which is integrated within the fridge door, providing more storage space inside the fridge with additional balcony shelving on the door

Electronic touch controls and display that is simple to use and easy to read, allowing you to manage the appliance with just one touch

Efficient theatre LED lighting in the fridge for excellent visibility. The lighting gradually dims and automatically adjusts from a low light to the ideal setting, you can see your food perfectly. The freezer also has a convenient LED lighting

Finished in anti-fingerprint stainless steel, also available in black stainless steel

‘A+’ energy rating

Noise level: 41 dB(A)

Dimensions: H 1874 x W 905 x D 724


Active Fresh Pro technology quickly restores the ideal temperature and humidity level, after the fridge has been opened, for optimal food preservation

Active Inverter Compressor ensures precise and consistent temperature control to preserve fresh food for longer, minimising temperature fluctuation and preventing thermal shock

Active Oxygen technology removes odours from the fridge and helps to keep bacteria at bay, preserving food for longer3

Active Fresh Filter absorbs ethylene in the fridge to help maintain first day freshness of ethylene sensitive food, such as fruit and vegetables

Fresh Zone – two crisper drawers that maintain the correct humidity levels for storing fruit and vegetables

Food Care Zone – separate compartment to correctly store food such as meat and fish

Pull out Platter Zone, which is perfect for storing large pizzas or plated items within easy reach

Adjustable shelves to customise the fridge and to make space for tall items in an instant

Generous 338 litre capacity


Active Freeze reduces temperature fluctuations in the freezer compartment, eliminating freezer burn, thanks to an innovative temperature management system, for the best frozen food preservation

Super Freezing function accelerates the freezing process with a blast of frozen air

Never defrost your freezer again thanks to Active Defrost, which activates only when required, saving energy

Easy Find trays located at the top of the freezer and convertible compartment to find food at a glance, with quick access

Substantial 216 litre capacity (freezer and convertible zone combined)

The Active Four Door fridge freezer is a stunning statement appliance and will add a premium feel to any kitchen. The appliance is packed full of innovative technologies to preserve first day freshness of food. What’s more, the fridge freezer benefits from a plethora of extra features, including the in-door ice and filtered water dispenser, theatre LED lighting and easy-to-use touch controls and display, which make the appliance a pleasure to have in the home.


1 Source: Mintel Global Trends platform 2019

2 Based on shopping bags that hold 18 litres

3 Active Oxygen technology releases tri-oxygen molecules (O3) into the fridge, neutralising unpleasant odours by up to 70 per cent and preventing bacteria growth by up to 90 per cent by oxidising them away (percentages compared to a Hotpoint fridge freezer without Active Oxygen technology)


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