“Awards schemes such as the IER Awards are vitally important in encouraging businesses to continue evolving.

Win or lose, entering for any industry award is an excellent thing to do. The process of applying allows you to look back and assess your business and is a great way to make us life our heads up and see the industry from a wider perspective.

They give objective feedback and help to acknowledge all the hard work that owners, managers and staff put in every year. They also give great PR and marketing opportunities.”

Anne Moss
Head of PR, Marketing & Social Media – Moss of Bath

“It is fantastic to win an IER award as it shows that we are continually evolving and making out business relevant to the consumer today.

Recognition is extremely helpful in cementing our passion for the industry and also to show our staff that they are excelling at their jobs.

If you work hard at making your business a success, others will recognise this and it is always good to be awarded for this devotion to the industry.”

Steve Scogings
Managing Director – Stellisons

“It’s fantastic to be recognised in a category as ‘the best’ in your industry. For me personally, after 35 years in the trade, I love being told that our business is at an award-winning standard. We strive so hard to be innovative and industry-leading while still making a profit. It’s the icing on the cake for us.

Everyone likes a ‘pat on the back’. But if you have a nice trophy to show for your hard work it means even more. We also look at other businesses that have won categories and adapt their ideas into our own model. You can teach an old dog new tricks!”

Martin Jukes
Head of Retail – Avensys

“We were delighted to be an award winner, Hoover is committed to building and maintaining relationships with independent retailers and our success is reflective of real dedication by the team and a lot of hard work.

In the 27 years that the IER Awards have been running there has been so much innovation within the industry. To have awards that are championing independent retailers is hugely important as the industry continues to evolve. Excellence should always be acknowledged and celebrated.”

Chris Bennett
Channel Director of Electrical Retail – Hoover

“It is a great sense of achievement to have won an award at this year’s event, this was our first year entering and attending the event, our staff work very hard throughout the year and are all very much part of this award. Everyone was delighted when they heard we had won.

There is increasing pressure on retailers at present to continue to offer excellent service as well as value for money. To be recognised for our work spurs us on and encourages us to come back next year in the hope of claiming another few titles.  It also allows us to promote our name in a different area which helps widen our customer base and boosts our reputation which is something all retailers are striving to do.

The event is a good way to meet other people within the same sector as ourselves.”

James Donaghy
Managing Director – Dongahy Bros

“The IER Awards is an important part of our business – after all, all of our customers read magazines such as IER on a regular basis. To be singled out for an award reinforces our customers’ trust in us. Awards schemes such as these are a seal of approval.”

John Davis
Head of Marketing – Smeg

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