Sponsorship Opportunities

Want to associate your company with those who are raising the bar?

If you choose to support the event, your company will benefit from a highly cost-effective and targeted promotion and visibility, prior to, during and after the event. 

The IER Awards will reflect each sponsor’s particular focus and will demonstrate their company’s association with business success and innovation.



  • Your company logo will be featured on all pre-event promotional items, including the event website, voting form, ‘finalist preview’ and ticket invitations.
  • Your company logo and short profile will feature on the ‘Sponsors Page’ of the website, with a hot-link to your own website.
  • Your company logo and editorial spotlight will be featured on the pages of selected Datateam publications.
  • All sponsors will benefit from pre-event publicity in each of the awards news releases.


  • Network with up to 250 industry professionals during the relaxed, pre-lunch drinks reception.
  • You will have a small company display booth within the networking area for your company to exhibit your own messages and branding.
  • You will have reserved seats at the Awards luncheon for you and your guests to enjoy the culmination of this awards programme, which will include the drinks reception, a superb 3-course meal with wine, the awards ceremony itself and some excellent after-lunch entertainment.
  • Your company logo will be featured in the Awards brochure.
  • A dramatic stage set has been designed, employing the latest video effects and theatrical lighting. To create maximum exposure for your company, your logo will appear as part of an energetic, digitally produced display – cut to music, as part of rolling montage projecting a mix of sponsor logos and digitally produced images throughout the lunch and during the opening sequence to the awards ceremony itself.
  • If you are a category sponsor, a representative from your company will be invited to present the award to the category winner. Your company logo will appear on large screens during the presentation, and photographs will be taken of you with the eventual winner, for use in the post-event PR.


  • The photographs of your company representative presenting the award to your category winner will be available electronically.
  • This photo will be distributed to winners for their own promotional purposes, to all media partners of the event, and will be used in future awards publicity.
  • Your sponsorship will be publicised in the post-awards news releases, giving details of the luncheon’s proceedings and the winners.
  • Your company logo and profile will remain on the awards website for the rest of the year, where any photographs of your company representative presenting an award will also be visible.


Champagne Reception Sponsor
Sponsorship of Entertainer
Seat covers
Wine collars
Belly band on brochure
Table chocolates
Gift on table

For more information or to discuss bespoke sponsorship packages, please contact:

Linda Dorling
T: +44 (0) 7885 142 398
E: lindaedorling@gmail.com

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