Veritable Connect Indoor Garden

The most intelligent Veritable garden – Connect. Allowing you to grow up to 4 different Lingots at the same time. A Lingot is a ready seeded refill, containing all of the essential elements and nutrients needed for up to 6 months growth. There’s over 60 different flavours to choose from, including herbs, greens, baby vegetables, small fruits, Asian flavours and edible flowers.

Reconnect with nature and discover a world of flavours. Veritable provide revolutionary solutions for city and country dwellers. With over 50% of the world’s population living in urban areas, it can be hard to find local, freshly grown plants and herbs suitable for cooking, eating, baking and presenting.

The Veritable Connect edition allows you to manage and view the progress of your garden with the Veritable app. Within a few clicks, you can follow your plants growth, set up lighting for better efficiency, find tips, get useful notification reminders when your garden needs watering and Lingots need replacing, as well as discovering creative recipes specifically for the Lingots that you are growing. Complete with an automatic watering system which provides 2-3 weeks of silent, regular irrigation. The intelligent LED lights blink when the water tank is empty, so you never forget to water the plants again. Not only that but, each lighting pole consists of blue and white LEDs, specifically chosen for guaranteeing a faster plant growth and activating essential oils for rich flavours. The built-in electronics automatically control the lighting to provide the correct amount at all times, turning on for 16 hours and going off for 8 hours to respect the natural plant cycle. The Connect version has its additional Adaptlight technology which independently adjusts the light sensors based upon the surrounding natural light. Plants receive the precise amount of light all day long, whether the garden is tucked away in a cupboard or in direct sunlight.

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