Finalist Detail – Ingenix IG9600WIFI

Company:Bluestem Group

Product:Igenix Smart Air Purifier IG9600WIFI

This stylish modern Smart Air Purifier from Igenix, the IG9600WIFI, has many benefits that make it a great addition to any home, office, apartment, or workroom. Helpfully notifying users of the air quality in the room at a glance, the IG9600WIFI has a coloured LED light indicator with good, moderate and poor air quality showing as different colours. 

In auto mode, the IG9600WIFI will detect air quality, adjust the LED light indicator, and change the fan speed to ensure the space is purified of any lingering toxins in the air. Sleep mode keeps noises as low as 30dB, which is same as a whisper, to purify the air without disturbing your night’s sleep. LED indicator and screen are also switched off in Sleep mode.

Users can operate the Igenix Smart Air Purifier via the user-friendly digital touch-screen display panel on top of the unit. Alternatively, by downloading the Igenix app and enabling Wi-Fi functionality on the purifier, users can check access air quality data remotely by using their phone. 

Using the app to control the purifier, users can change the current operation mode, monitor air temperature and quality, check in on the life cycle of the filter and understand when it will need replacing. They can also view time remaining if the timer is set, and access graphs detailing air quality over time, which will give insights into pollutants affecting indoor air quality, for example if the front door was opened and allowed road pollution inside. 

In addition to this, by syncing this device with Amazon Alexa or Google home assistant, the Igenix IG9600WIFI can be controlled hands free by voice commands. Users will benefit from accessible and simple smart tech which makes it easier to ensure the air inside the home is safer for the family to breathe. 


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